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Annie Nations, an indomitable Appalachian widow, lives on her mountain farm with the acerbic ghost of her husband, Hector. Her tranquility is threatened by a real estate developer who wants to turn her land into a vacation resort, and her concerns for her son Dillard, a country singer, whose wife has left him with young children. As Annie battles with the decisions she must make for her future, she leads the audience through some funny and touching flashbacks. Can Dillard convince Annie to live with him in Florida? Will the developer’s offer be too tempting to resist? What will Annie decide?

George and Jane have settled in their new home on Serendipity Lane just in time to invite their grown children and George’s mother to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with them. This quirky and dysfunctional family, from whiny grade-schooler to wheelchairbound grandma, arrives -- one with a turkey, another with an uninvited stranger, and all with personal problems to share. When Jane asks each family member to share a serendipitous event from their recent lives, she (and the entire family) get more than they bargained for.

Children’s book author Andy Robbins has been an unhappy bachelor since his divorce from wife and collaborator, Ellen, 8 months earlier. Then, all in one incredible day: Ellen re-enters his life with an interesting and complicated surprise; his literary agent arrives with a TV contract needing both Andy’s and Ellen’s approval; and a beautiful lawyer with eyes for Andy enters the picture. To further complicate matters, an unexpected family member makes an appearance!

Egotistical, wealthy, junkdealer, Harry Brock, has come to Wash - ington to make a crooked deal with government bigwigs. With him is ex-chorus girl Billie, whose lack of refinement embarrasses Harry. To teach Billie the finer social graces, Harry hires magazine reporter, Paul Verrall. Paul has been investigat - ing political skullduggery, but takes the job. Under his tutelage, Billie quickly begins to learn about history, politics and consequently “gets wise” to what Harry is really all about! But now she must choose between giving up Harry and her life of luxury, or follow her heart – with Paul.

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