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September 19-21
25-29, 2019

A grieving widower must accept his wife’s death to save himself and his relationship with his teen daughter. David loves his wife, Gillian. Unfortunately, she died two years ago in a boating accident. David deals with his grief by continuing his romance with her ghost during walks on the beach at night. While David lives in the past, other family problems crop up in the present. Brother Paul and sister-in-law Esther visit to try to help David’s daughter, Rachel. She already has lost her mother and now needs her father to snap back into the real world for her sake. A poignant contemporary drama set on the shore near the family’s beach house.

November 14-16
and 20-24, 2019

It is set in a Civil War-era farm house in upstate New York purchased by sisters Sheila and Kylie. It is stormy and a lightning strike blacks out the house. When the lights come back on, Sheila opens the window and notices a child running across the meadow, who then disappears. Other mysterious things happen leaving them scared and concerned. Determined to solve this, they call an expert psychic who learns the legend of the abandoned church in the meadow. When the church served as an orphanage during the Civil War, a young boy fell to his death from the window ledge of the sisters’ house. Ever since he has been haunting the premises. More twists tell the tale.

In the middle of a howling snowstorm, a bus out of Kansas City pulls up at a small roadside diner. All roads are blocked, and the weary travelers on board must take refuge in the diner until morning. Cherie, a nightclub singer, has the most to worry about. She’s being physically pursued by “a young cowboy with all the romantic finesse of a rodeo bull.” The belligerent cowhand is right behind her, ready to sling her over his shoulder and carry her, alive and kicking, all the way to Montana, while other bus riders and diner staff have love interests of their own. This is set in the pre-women’s lib 1960s, and went from stage to screen starring Marilyn Monroe.

April 16-18
and 22-26, 2020

Olivia and Gabe are moving into their first apartment together. They’ve just packed up all their belongings and driven halfway across the country from the East Coast, to start a new life together in Chicago. Their moving day doesn’t go exactly as planned though, starting with their truck full of furnishings being stolen from in front of their building. Things become much more complicated when both pairs of very different parents, who’ve also driven across the eastern U.S., show up to help. Surprise! Can a two-bedroom apartment contain all the love, laughs, worry and wisdom that’s about to happen?

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