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September 13-15
and 19-23, 2018

Struggling abstract artist Payne Showers finally gets his Big Break. While hiking in Asia, he falls from a mountain and dies -- which greatly inflates the value of his work. Unfortunately, he left wife Maggie with a mountain of debt. She must sell all his paintings to avoid bankruptcy or lose her art gallery business. A public auction is set, but in days prior to it, Maggie hosts a private party with guests including a newspaper owner, a real estate mogul and an art critic. To Maggie’s delight, dozens of paintings are bought and the newspaper columnist writes a feature story -- which will save the gallery and pay the bills. At this point, the only thing that could go wrong, does! Artifice is a farcical take on celebrity and success, and an affectionate tribute to loyalty and love.

November 8-10
and 14-18, 2018

A gentleman sits in the hospital lounge near the nurses’ station -- waiting. “For what?” he’s asked by the two nurses. He tells them he is Satan and he’s waiting for Mr. Howard. When told Mr. Howard is too ill to be released, Satan (“call me Ross”) says he’s waiting for Mr. Howard to die, so he can collect his soul, contending that Mr. Howard was a very bad person. The nurses are upset and skeptical and ask him to leave. He refuses. They consider an exorcism, and summon the hospital chaplain. Enter an elderly cleaning lady who is physically attracted to this handsome visitor. She whips up a batch of her “floor polish” and tosses back enough to make it interesting. From this point, chaos reigns. There’s plenty of food for thought, too.

A play written specifically with Valentine’s Day in mind. With This Ring is the story of a wedding band that travels over five generations and the visceral affect it has on those couples who come to possess it. The ring is first presented to an Irish immigrant by her husband at the turn of the nineteenth century. It then skips a generation in the next scene in the 1960’s as the couple’s grandson inherits it, has it inscribed and presents it to his new wife. The ring then becomes a point of contention in the mid-1980s, between an estranged couple contemplating a divorce. In 2019, the ring comes full circle, finding its way to an engaged couple, who are visited by a special guest.

April 25-27
and May 1-5, 2019

Set in a vacation lodge in the Ozarks, it is run by D. Gene Wilburn and his wife Wanelle, with help from son, Ty. D. Gene is looking forward to a weekend of fishing on the lake. It is not to be. His wife has picked this weekend to begin her caffeine withdrawal. His son’s marriage appears to be suddenly falling apart. His sister has gotten involved in a bizarre undercover police assignment. And that’s just his family! There is a gaggle of nuns renting the barn, there to experience a nature retreat, and an assortment of quirky guests who need attention. Oh, and there’s a murderer loose in the neighborhood! Fast-paced, preposterous and hilarious doings at the Reel ‘Em Inn!

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