Green Bay Community Theater - Robert Lee Brault Playhouse

Since its inception in 1936, Green Bay Community Theater has produced over 300 plays. Its home since 1966 has been the Robert Lee Brault Playhouse, a century-old church, which houses an acoustically perfect 193-seat theater with a 30' x 24' open-end stage.


GBCT is governed by a nine-member volunteer Board of Directors who set theater policy. Creative positions are filled on a show-by-show basis with independent contractors. Volunteers provide 99% of the labor at the theater. From actors and crew, to ushers and office assistants, the day-to-day operations are dependent upon volunteer energy from the community.

GBCT is proud to be a member
of Wisconsin Arts Trail.


The core of GBCT programming is the season of four plays. GBCT provides a variety of theater experiences: Traditional comedies are contrasted with serious drama, musicals and lesser-known classics. Each production has ten performances with both matinee and evening performances.

Community Involvement

GBCT develops partnerships with local businesses, service organizations, schools and individuals: a program with Arts Administration majors from UW-GB is providing interns with valuable, resume-building experience. A partnership with On Broadway, Inc. is generating additional economic activity in the area. GBCT is expanding its programming and community outreach to serve the growing population of Northeast Wisconsin. Since its founding, GBCT has truly been a theater of, by, and for the community.